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A Child Preserved From Wolves.

A little girl only nine years old, named Sutherland, living at
Platteville, Col., was recently saved from death by ferocious forest
wolves as follows: The child went with her father on a cold afternoon to
the woods to find the cattle, and was told to follow the calves home,
while the father continued his search for the cows. She did so, but the
calves misled her, and very soon she became conscious that she was lost.
Night came on, and with it the cold of November and the dreaded wolves.
With a strange calmness she continued on her uncertain way. The next
day, Sunday, at 10 A.M., she reached, in her wanderings, the house of
John Beebe, near a place called Evans, having traveled constantly
eighteen hours, and a distance of not less than twenty-five miles. _All
night the wolves growled around her, but harmed her not_; neither was
she in the least frightened by them. All know that in ordinary cases
fierce packs of blood-thirsty wolves would devour a man, and even a
horse. But this little one was invincible in her trusting, simple faith.
The narrative states: "She said that the wolves kept close to her heels
and snapped at her feet; but her mother told her that if she was _good_
the Lord would _always_ take care of her; so she asked the Lord to take
care of her, and she knew the wolves would not hurt her, _because God
wouldn't let them_!" The child was hunted for by a great number of
people, and being found was restored shortly to her parents in perfect
health and soundness.

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