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The Life Of His Child Saved.

"My eldest daughter now living fell sick at about five or six months
old, and was wasted to a skeleton. She had a doctor to attend her, but
she got worse and worse. It seemed as if God intended to bereave us of
her, for he brought her even to death's door.

"My wife and I have sat up with her night after night, watching the
cradle, expecting every breath to be her last, for two or three weeks
together. At last I asked the Doctor if he thought there was any hope of
her life. He answered, no, he would not flatter me. _She would surely

"This distressed me beyond measure, and as he told me to do no more for
her, I left my room, went to my garden in the evening, and, in my little
tool house, wrestled hard with God in prayer for the life of the child.

"I went home satisfied that God had heard me; _and in three days the
child was as well as she is now_, and ate as heartily. This effectually
convinced me that all things were possible with God."

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