The Faith Life Of Mr. Zeller.

After the death of Dorothea Trudel, the work at Maennedorf, instituted by

her, has been furthered and carried on by Mr. Samuel Zeller, who had

been her associate. He has published two reports, which contain many

instances of answers to prayer, showing that the Lord still gave blessed

results, and rewarded their faithful trust.

"No disease is found to be more obstinate than epilepsy, yet several

re recorded of patients being restored to perfect health.

Persons afflicted with mental disorder and convulsions are frequently

brought to Maennedorf, and many return cured or benefited.

"On one occasion, a lady who had been afflicted with constant headache

for five years, found her disorder removed speedily under the influence

of prayer. In other cases the passion for strong drink was taken away;

fever more or less disappeared; and the subjects of various kinds of

chronic diseases, even some apparently far gone in consumption, have

found their strength return to them under the same influence.

"Unhappy victims of spiritualist delusions have found deliverance at the

mercy-seat; and there, too, many in the bondage of sin have rejoiced in

a present Saviour.

"One patient afflicted with convulsions, who came several years

successively without being cured, at last confessed that she possessed a

book of 'charms' in which she put some degree of, faith, and she had

recommended them to others. She was led to see the folly and sin of such

things, and soon after the book was burned she was restored to health."

Many cases have occurred where the suffering patient was utterly unable

to come to Maennedorf, but prayer has been offered there in their behalf,

and the answers have been as frequent as with the cases which have come

under the same roof.

"A brother living at R---- was seized with a violent fever, and appeared

to be at death's door. Intelligence having been sent to Maennedorf,

united prayer was made in his behalf; and very soon afterwards a

telegraphic message announced that he was recovering. On this occasion

the promise was remembered with joy,' Before they call I will answer.'"

"Perhaps one of the most striking cases of blessing recorded is that of

a lady, who was subject to fits of insanity so violent that they

threatened her life, and who was so far conscious of her miserable

condition, that happening to go into a meeting where she heard God's

word, she requested to be prayed for. A friend wrote to Maennedorf,

describing the case, and asking prayer on her behalf; and only a

fortnight later, the same friend communicated the happy news of her

recovery. After a fit of unusual severity, she fell into a deep sleep,

from which she awoke in her right mind; more than that, she learned to

believe in the _Lord Jesus_, and rejoiced in His love."

"A patient in this institution, who arrived unconverted, and was thought

to be in a dying state, heard the good news of Salvation, and was

enabled to rejoice in the Lord, through simple trust in Him; and from

that moment she began to rapidly recover from her disorder, and soon

became strong enough to nurse another patient."

Another remarkable case was that of a young girl who, in consequence of

the breaking off of a marriage engagement, manifested decided symptoms

of insanity. She not only recovered from her malady, but found the