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The Soul Cured As Well As The Body.

On many occasions she experienced wonderful help from God, who, while
performing marvels for the body, which is the least important part,
accomplishes what is far greater, even the salvation of souls.

"Among others, one named B. T----, went to her, who had been suffering
for six months from a disease of his bones, and had been for a
lengthened period in a Swiss hospital, under medical treatment. At
length he, by the advice of Christian friends, sought for relief from
his malady at Dorothea's house. His care began in the first week of his
visit, and in a few weeks he was completely recovered."

On one occasion a young artisan came, in whom cancer had made such
progress as to render any approach to him almost unbearable.

"At the Bible lessons, this once frivolous man, now an earnest inquirer,
learned where the improvement must begin; and from the day that he
confessed his sins against God and man, the disease abated. Some time
afterwards he acknowledged one sin he had hitherto concealed, and then
he speedily recovered his bodily health, and returned to his home cured
in spirit also."

"A lady in S---- had so injured her knee by a fall, that for weeks she
lay in the greatest agony. The doctors declared that dropsy would
supervene; but the Heavenly Physician fulfilled those promises which
will abide until the end of the world; and by prayer, and the laying on
of Dorothea's hand, the knee was cured in twenty-four hours, and the
swelling vanished."

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