"the Lord Will Provide."

A poor but pious widow in Boston, in her eighty-seventh year, said to a

friend, "When I was left a widow with three little children, I was

brought into such extremity that they were crying for bread, and I had

nothing for them to eat. As I arose on a Sabbath morning, I knew not

what to do but to ask my heavenly Father to feed my little ones, and

commit myself and them to his care.

"I then went out to the
ell to get a pail of water, and saw on the

ground a six cent piece, which I took up; and learning that it did not

belong to any of those who lived in the same house with me, I thought I

might take it to feed my famishing children. Though it was a Sabbath

morning, I felt that it would be right to go to a baker who lived in the

neighborhood, tell him our circumstances, and buy bread with the money

Providence had thus cast in my way. The baker not only did this, but the

Lord opened his heart to add a bountiful supply; and from that hour to

the present, which is nearly fifty years, I have never doubted that _God

would take care of his children_."