A Remarkable Dream.

The late Dr. Whitehead was accustomed to repeat with pleasure' the

following fact: In the year 1764, he was stationed as an itinerant

preacher in Cornwall. He had to preach one evening in a little village

where there was a small Methodist Society. "The friend," said he, "at

whose house we preached, had at that time a daughter, who lived with one

of our people about ten miles off. His wife was gone to attend her

, who was dangerously ill of a fever; and her husband had that

day received a message from her, informing him that his child's life was

despaired of. He earnestly and with tears desired Mr. Whitehead to

recommend his daughter to God in prayer, both before and after

preaching. He did so in the most warm and affectionate manner. Late that

evening, or very early next morning, while the young woman's mother was

sitting by her daughter's bedside (who had been in a strong delirium for

several days), she opened her eyes and hastily addressed her mother

thus: 'O mother! I have been dreaming that I saw a man lifting up his

eyes and hands to heaven, and fervently praying to God for my recovery!

The Lord has heard his prayers, and my fever is gone; and what is far

better, the Lord has spoken peace to my soul, and sealed His pardoning

love on my heart. I know it, I feel it, my dear mother; and His Spirit

bears witness with my spirit, that I am a child of God, and an heir of

glory.' Her mother, thinking that she was still in delirium, desired her

to compose herself, and remain quiet. The daughter replied, 'My dear

mother, I am in no delirium now; I am perfectly in my senses; do help me

to rise, that upon my bended knees I may praise God.' Her mother did so,

and they both praised God with joyful hearts, and from that hour the

young woman recovered so fast, that she was soon able to attend to the

affairs of the family where she lived. She had never seen Mr. Whitehead,

previous to this remarkable time; but some weeks after, she saw him, and

the moment she beheld his face, she fainted away. As soon as she came to

herself, she said, 'Sir, you are the person I saw in my dream, when I

was ill in a violent fever; and I beheld you lift up your hands and eyes

to heaven, and most fervently pray for my recovery and conversion to

God. The Lord, in mercy, heard your prayers, and answered them to the

healing of my wounded spirit, and to the restoration of my body. I have

walked in the light of His countenance from that time to the present,

and I trust I shall do so as long as I live.' How remarkably does this

circumstance illustrate the words of St. James, 'The prayer of faith

shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up, and if he have

committed sins, they shall be forgiven him!'"