Life Brought Back Again In The Midst Of Death.

The following instance, when _death itself was made to give back the

life it claimed_, is personally known to us to be true: A mother, in

this city, sent a request for prayer to the Fulton street

prayer-meeting, asking the Lord for the recovery of her daughter, who

was sinking rapidly, and who she felt was almost dying.

Her husband, an eminent physician, and others, also, the most skilled

physicians of th
city, gave up the case as hopeless. The mother felt

that now none but God could or would help; that in the Fulton street

prayer-meeting were sympathizing friends, and to it sent her request.

She came to the meeting herself, to join in their prayers and testify

her faith. The moments of the meeting passed on. One request after

another was read, but hers was not touched. She was sadly disappointed.

Her child was so weak and almost dying, it could not live the day

through, perhaps. The time was within a few minutes, less than three, of

the close of the meeting. She, at last, with faltering steps and

palpitating heart, pressed her way to the desk and asked if her request

was there. Upon search, it was found that it had been overlooked. _Too

late_, said the leader, to _read it to-day_. See, the clock is at its

last moment; but it shall be read first thing at 12 o'clock, to-morrow,

and special prayer shall be offered immediately.

With what heavy heart the mother went away, back to the chamber of the

dying one, none can ever know. All night the waiting ones watched, with

their ceaseless attentions and silent prayers.

_A few minutes before_ 12 _o'clock the body sank, the eyes closed,

pallor came over the features, the spirit seemed gone_, and _all was

still; not a breath, not a motion--death had come_.

The mother had taken her watch, hung it on the pillow of the bed, and

with streaming eyes, yet ceaseless prayer, they watched the slow finger

move to 12 o'clock. At precisely twelve, all joined in prayer, lifting

their hearts to God. _At fifteen minutes past twelve, the daughter

opened her eyes_, saying, "Mother, _I feel better_," then sank into

sleep, _breathing steadily_; after three hours awoke to consciousness

and sat up in bed, and before night was able to walk the floor of her

chamber. Prayer brought that life back, even when death had taken it.

_At the very moment when that precious prayer was offered in the

meeting, the Lord came and touched the dying one, and gave it new life._

The mother's faith and prayer was honored, and the Lord remembered his

promise, "_If ye believe, ye shall see the glory of God."_ The same Lord

who raised Lazarus and bade him come forth, also came and bade this

precious life come back again to earth.