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A Barrel Of Flour.

For the "Faith Home for Incurables" Mr. H. received, one day, five
dollars. A barrel of flour was terribly needed. He went to a large house
in New York, hoping the Lord would incline the proprietor to sell him a
barrel for that sum. He felt too poor, was not willing; and with a heavy
heart, Mr. H. returned, asking the Lord what next he should do. He
called at the store of a friend, where the following conversation took
place. "Well, did you get the flour?" "I did not; they feel too poor,
and I am terribly disappointed. It is almost dark now; I have lost my
time going over there, and at this hour, the flour merchants here are
closed." "Well, Mr. ---- called here, and I told him you were in, and on
what errand you had gone to New York. He said he would send a barrel to
my store if I would send it up to the Home; and I did so, about an hour

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