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A Double Prayer Answered.

At the Fulton Street prayer-meeting a number of remarkable cases were
related of real answers to prayer for recovery to health, and obtaining
of positions.

"I must tell you how God has been answering prayer, for his glory and
for your encouragement. Your prayers were asked for a sick wife. She was
thought by the doctors to be beyond recovery, but in response to prayer
God spared her life, and she and her husband returned their heartfelt
thanks to Him. But there was another trouble. The husband had long
needed employment, and was in great pecuniary distress. He had been
praying for help, beseeching the Lord to open up a way for him. But help
did not come, and the cloud seemed darker, and the poor man got
discouraged. Friends begged him to hope on, and not to give up his trust
in that God who, in answer to prayer, had raised his sick wife to
health. He continued to pray, and on the long, dark night, morning at
last dawned. He is now in a good position, and sends a request to
friends to thank God with him for this two-fold goodness of the Lord.

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