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"you Must Not Go."

A remarkable instance of deep impression occasionally made by the Holy
Spirit on the mind of the Rev. William Bramwell during prayer, occurred
in Liverpool. A pious young woman, a member of Society, wished to go to
her friends, then living in Jamaica. She took her passage, had her
luggage taken on board, and expected to sail on the following day.
Having the greatest respect for Mr. Bramwell, she waited upon him, to
take leave and request an interest in his prayers. Before parting, they
knelt down, and he recommended her to the care of God. After he had been
engaged in prayer some time, he suddenly paused, and thus addressed her,
"My dear sister, you must not go to-morrow. God has just told me you
must not go." She was surprised, but he was positive, and prevailed upon
her to postpone her voyage, and assisted her to remove her luggage out
of the vessel. The ship sailed, and in about six weeks intelligence
arrived that the vessel was lost, and all on board had perished.

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