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Answers To Prayer From Its History, Records And Correspondence.

The following Incidents of Prayer and the remarkable Answers, have been
obtained from the records of the Fulton Street Prayer Meeting in New
York City. They include both facts which have been related by speakers
in their daily meetings, or furnished from the letters of those who have
solicited Prayer and received the Answer to their Faith.

They are of the utmost diversity of subjects, literally including the
"all things" of the Bible, and temporal as well as spiritual interests.

Numerous as the incidents are, which we here give, still they cover only
_one-sixtieth_ part of the whole Record of the Blessed Meeting.

History can never tell of the wonders done in Answer to the Prayers of
these trusting ones; but Faith can rejoice, for here is fulfilled daily
those cheerful Promises of the Lord: "_If ye abide in me and my words
abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."
"Ask and receive, that your joy may be full_."

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