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Snails In The Ark.

To many who with despondency protest that they have not faith enough,
get along so slow, are too weak, &c, the following sharp retort of Hick
will prove a bright lining to their dark cloud of failing, and lead them
to plod on in prayer.

"To a gentleman laboring under great nervous depression, whom he had
visited, and who was moving along the streets as though he was
apprehensive that every step would shake his system in pieces, he was
rendered singularly useful. They met, and Samuel, having a deeper
interest in the soul than the body, asked: 'Well, how are you getting on
your way to Heaven.'"

The poor invalid, in a dejected, half desponding tone, replied, "But
slowly I fear," intimating that he was creeping along only at a poor

"Why bless you Bairn," returned Samuel, "_there were snails in the

The reply was so earnest, so unexpected, and met the dispirited man so
immediately on his own ground, that the temptation broke away, and he
was out of his depression.

It was a resurrection to his feelings, inferring that if the snail
reached the ark and was saved, he too, "faint yet pursuing," might gain
admission into heaven.

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