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Remarkable Preservation From Brain Difficulties.

"A few weeks ago, a man who had once been a member of my church, but had
fallen from his steadfastness through strong drink, fell from a ladder,
striking his head on the corner of a stone, which made a dent in the
skull of over two and one-half inches in length, and three-fourths of an
inch in width, and half an inch in depth. This happened on Friday
afternoon. At our prayer-meeting, in the evening, most earnest prayers
were offered in his behalf; the brethren prayed that God would restore
him his senses and spare him a few days, that he might repent of his
back-sliding and be saved.

"The surgeons raised the skull, and his senses were restored; his mind
seemed clear. This continued over a week, when it was evident that there
was still some pressure on the brain. The surgeons removed the skull,
and found three pieces driven down into the brain. They expressed, from
the first, no hope of his recovery; but wondered much at the clearness
of his mind, which continued for over two weeks. We believed that it was
in answer to the prayers of the church that he might have time and
opportunity to repent and prepare to meet God, which we trust he did."

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