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Saved From Cholera.

The Rev. J.B. Waterbury relates several incidents which prove the power
of Prayer.

"In the year 1832 he was compelled by pulmonary symptoms, to leave his
field of ministerial labor in one of the eastern cities, and travel
south, hoping that a milder climate might be favorable.

"He had not proceeded far, before the cholera, that fearful scourge,
made its appearance in the States, and obliged him to rejoin his family
in the city of Brooklyn.

"Whilst many were dying around him, _his health_ continued to improve;
so that with the disappearance of the epidemic he found himself
sufficiently restored to venture, if Providence should open the door, to
resume his ministerial work.

"But where should he go? The future, to human view, was shrouded in
uncertainty. In so important a matter, affecting his usefulness and
happiness, there was nothing left, but to give himself to prayer. His
faith in that promise, 'In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will
direct thy Paths,' led him to pray without ceasing, 'Lord, what wilt
thou have me to do.'"

On a certain day, when the burden lay heavily upon his heart, he retired
as usual, to implore light and guidance. He read on that occasion, the
chapter of Acts where, by divine direction, Cornelius the Centurion sent
messengers to Peter at Joppa, to come to him with the Gospel. The
apostle, meanwhile; is instructed by a vision to go to Cornelius.

The case was so applicable to the circumstances that the writer was led
to cry mightily to God for light to be shed also upon _his_ path.

While thus praying the door-bell rang, and the servant announced two men
who wished to see me.

This was somewhat startling. After introducing themselves, they remarked
that they had come on a very important errand, viz: to ask my services
for a vacant church in which they were officers.

"But how is this," I inquired, "How did you know of _me_?"

They did not until that very day. But inquiring at the Bible House in
Nassau street if any of the officers of that Society knew of a minister
who could be recommended to fill their pulpit, now vacant for some

Dr. B., the Secretary, answered, "Yes, I know a young minister in
Brooklyn, whom I can recommend, provided his health, which has been
delicate, is adequate."

So the messenger came inadvertently over to B----, and I was called from
my knees to receive their invitation. I promptly responded, "Yes, I will
go?" for what was I that I could withstand God. A successful and happy
ministry of fourteen years, attests the good results of that decision.

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