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The Consumptive's Home.

In the United States there is a Parallel Record to George Mailer's Life
of Faith and Trust, found in the history of the Consumptive's Home of
Boston, Mass. It was established twelve years since by Doctor Cullis,
who in the ardor of his faith and trust gave himself to the work of the
Lord, by ministering in _Jesus' Name_, to the poor consumptives who were
unable to provide for themselves. Doctor Cullis is a man of humility,
and devoted to his life work, and has been most abundantly blessed by
the Lord in his field. To the honor and glory of our Heavenly Father, he
has never been forsaken by Him.

The Institution began twelve years ago, in small quarters. Now it
embraces a very large gathering of useful enterprises: _A Consumptive's
Home, Children's Home, Grove Hall Church, Tract Repository, a Training
College_, and a _Cancer Home_. The means provided have all been sent by
the Lord, who has prompted the hearts of good people to send to it their
voluntary contributions.

There is no financial fund, endowment, or pecuniary provision whatever
existing for the support of the Home. No individuals have made any
agreement for its support; there is no trade or occupation used or
connected with it, whereby to obtain any remuneration. There has never
been any appeal to man for assistance, no subscriptions ever taken, no
contributions solicited, either publicly or privately; there are no
agencies or connections to receive funds from any religious society for
procuring charitable relief.

The supplies for the carrying on of this work, during these twelve
years, have been wholly _in answer to believing prayer, to the Lord_.

They have fulfilled faithfully the Lord's commands, "_Cast all your
cares on Him, for he careth for you_." They have also pleaded in faith,
without a doubt, "_Anything ye shall ask the Father in my name, I will
do it_." And they have asked and received, and the Provider has never
yet failed them.

During the twelve years' time there has been sent to the Consumptive's
Home, without any solicitation whatever, but in answer to believing
prayer and faith and trust in God's providence, a sum no less than
_three hundred and sixty thousand dollars, and over fifteen hundred
patients have been gratuitously cared for_. No one has been urged,
asked, or even hinted to contribute to it. Each morning, noon and night
prayer has been offered to send means to provide for their daily wants,
and the Great Shepherd has sent the supplies.

During these twelve years, the experiences of Doctor Cullis, the
founder, have been most remarkable in the frequent answers to prayer in
minute details of life, and especially in healing. There are so many
such cases, that there is no possible room to doubt. There have often
been moments, yes, days of distress and intense trial, when, with not a
single penny on hand, it seemed as if failure had come; but faith could
not let the promise go, neither was it possible for them to believe that
He who could do so much, would forsake so good a work, which was
undertaken only in obedience to the guidance and direction of the Lord;
and God has always brought deliverance, and honored them and brought
glory to his own name.

In the daily history of these struggles and trials and triumphs of
faith, are found many surprising incidents, a few of which we relate.

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