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The Daughter's Prayer.

The late Doctor Krummacher, chaplain to the king of Prussia, in
referring to faith and prayer, writes as follows:

"A little incident occurs to me which I can hardly withhold, on account
of its simplicity and beauty. The mother of a little girl, only four
years of age, had been, for some time, most dangerously ill. The
physician had given her up. When the little girl heard this, she went
into an adjoining room, knelt down, and said: 'Dear Lord Jesus, O make
my mother well again.'

"After she had thus prayed, she said, as though in God's name, with as
deep a voice as she could: 'Yes, my dear child, I will do it gladly!'
This was the little girl's amen. She rose up, joyfully ran to her
mother's bed, and said: 'Mother, you will get well!'

"And she recovered, and is in health to this day. Is it, then, always
permitted for me to pray thus unconditionally respecting temporal
concerns? No; thou must not venture to do so, if, whilst you ask, you
doubt. But shouldst thou ever be inclined by God's Spirit to pray thus,
without doubt or scruple, in a filial temper, and with simplicity of
heart, resting on the true foundation, and in genuine faith, then pray
thus by all means! None dare censure thee; God will accept thee."

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