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The God Who Supplied Elijah By A Raven Supplied Me With Fish.

One of the most beautiful instances ever known, which almost identically
repeats the Bible over again, especially in the instance of Elijah as he
was fed in an unseen way by the hand of God, is given in the life of Mr.
Huntington. He was wholly unable to provide for his family, and could
depend only on God.

"As I went over a bridge, I cast my eye on the right-hand side, and
there lay a _very large eel_ on the mud by the river side, apparently
dead. I caught hold of it and soon found it was only asleep. With
difficulty I got it safe out of the mud upon the grass, and then carried
it home. My little one was very fond of it, and it richly supplied all
her wants that day. But at night I was informed the eel was all gone, so
the next day afforded me the same distress and trouble as the preceding
day had done.

"The next morning, as I entered the garden gate, I saw a _partridge_ lie
dead on the walk. I took it up and found it warm; so I carried it home,
and it richly supplied the table of our little one that day.

"Again the next day still found me unprovided, and brought forth fresh
work for faith and prayer. However, the morrow took thought for the
things of itself, for when I came to take the scythe in my hand to mow
the short grass, I looked into the pond, and there I saw three very
large carp lying on the water apparently sick. When the master came I
told him of it. He went and looked and said they were dead, and told me
I might have them if I would, for they were not in season. However, they
came in due season to me. _And I found, morning after morning, there lay
two or three of these fish at a time, dead, just as I wanted them, till
I believe there was not one live fish remaining, six inches long, in the
pond, which was near three hundred feet in length._

"I could not help weeping, admiring the goodness of God. As I studied
the Bible, I clearly perceived that the most eminent saints of the Bible
were brought into _low_ circumstances, as Jacob, David, Moses, Joseph,
Job and Jeremiah, and all the apostles, in order that the hand of
providence might be watched."

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