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The Faith Of A Little Child.

An incident most beautiful was told in the Fulton Street prayer meeting
by a converted Jew.

"Journeying in the cars, I was attracted by two little girls, Jewesses.
I asked them if they loved Jesus. To my surprise, they said they did. I
found that their mother was in a seat near by. She had attended some of
the gospel meetings for Jews, and was interested in them. She said her
husband had not been to church or synagogue for eleven years, and she
did not know his views on religion. Her two little girls had attended a
Methodist Sunday school, and there learned of Jesus. A day or so after,
the mother was taken very sick, and remedies failing, the eldest child,
a little over eight years old, said: 'O Mamma, if you will let me pray
to Jesus for you, He can take away your pains and give you sleep.' She
knelt with her sister and prayed in simple words to Jesus to heal her
mother, telling Him that He had so promised to hear prayer. Shortly
after, the mother, after long hours of restlessness and suffering, fell
into a deep sleep and awoke relieved of pain and much refreshed. She
heard from her daughter's lips the story of her faith in Jesus and love
for Him, and then sent for me, begging me to pray for her. I am glad to
tell you that she is now a converted woman, a believer in the Lord Jesus

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