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The Help Of The Lord In Little Things.

The Rev. Dr. Patton, of Chicago, in receiving many letters from
clergymen, received one from Mr. F., a pastor in Massachusetts.

In it he speaks of his unsuccessful search for a valuable knife, prized
as a present from a friend, which he had lost on a hillside covered with
laurels. He paused in prayer, asked to be guided, commenced his search,
and was almost immediately successful thereafter.

The same letter also mentions the case of a friend in a responsible
position under the government, whose accounts failed to balance by
reason of an error, which, after long search, he could not detect.

In great distress he betook himself to prayer, and then opening his
books, _on the very first page_, which he happened to glance at, and at
the top of the column, he saw instantly the looked for error, standing
out so plainly that he wondered he had not seen it before.

The writer also speaks of a rubber shoe being lost and promptly found
after mention in prayer.

These may seem little matters, but they are the privileges of the
righteous to ask "anything" of "Him who careth for them."

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