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The Lord Helps To Pay Debts.

The author of this incident is known to the editor of "Remarkable
Providences," and speaking of it says: "_God never gave me exactly what
I wanted. He always gave me more."_

"When I married I was a working man; I had not much money to spare. In
about three months after my marriage, I fell ill, and my illness
continued for more than nine months. At that period I was in great
distress. I owed a sum of money and had no means to pay it. It must be
paid on a certain day, or I must go to jail. I had no food for myself or
wife; and in this distress I went up to my room, and took my Bible. I
got down on my knees and opened it, laid my fingers on several of the
promises, and claimed them as mine. I said, 'Lord, this is thine own
word of promise; I claim thy promises.' I endeavored to lay hold of them
by faith. I wrestled with God for sometime in this way. I got up off my
knees, and walked about some time. I then went to bed, and took my
Bible, and opened it on these words: '_Call upon me in the day of
trouble, and I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me_.'

"I said, 'it is enough, Lord.' I knew deliverance would come, and I
praised God with my whole heart. Whilst in this frame of mind I heard a
knock at the door. I went and opened it and a man handed me a letter. I
turned to look at the letter, and when I looked up again, the man was

"The letter contained the sum I wanted, and five shillings over. It is
now eighteen years ago. I never knew who sent it. God only knows. Thus
God delivered me out of all my distress. To Him be all the praise."

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