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The Widow's Tree

Not many years ago a violent storm, with wind and thunder, spread
devastation all through the valley of Yellow Creek, Georgia. For a mile
in width, trees were uprooted, barns and fences were prostrated, and all
the lands were desolated.

Right in the center of the tornado stood a small cabin. Its sole
occupants were an aged widow and her only son. The terrible wind struck
a large tree in front of her humble dwelling, twisting and dashing it
about. If it fell it would lay her home in ruins. Desolation, death
itself, might follow. The storm howled and raged. The great trees fell
in all directions. When it seemed her tree must also fall and there was
no remedy, she knelt in fervent supplication to Him who gathereth the
wind in his fists, that he would spare that tree. Her prayer was heard.
The tree was spared, and was the _only one_ left within a considerable
distance of the widow's cabin.

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