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The Sewing Girl Relieved Just In Time.

A sick Scotch girl was found lying on a narrow bed in a close,
uncomfortable room, her sobs audible to the missionary, when half-way up
the stairs. Her story was short. When about, she earned three dollars
and a half a week, at a business that was killing her. Of that, she paid
three dollars for her board; leaving but the half-dollar for clothing or
incidentals. But now--she had been lying there two weeks; six dollars
were due for board, and still she was unable to rise, and, when she did,
how could she ever pay the back indebtedness?

The woman with whom she lived, was too poor herself to give her the lost
time, and, moreover, was one of the class whom struggle and battle
hardens. The missionary came just in time to quell the poor girl's
fears, and paid her debts; mind and body were set at rest, and, one or
two Christian ladies being made acquainted with the case, attended to
the comforts which hastened her recovery; and, when once more pursuing
her avocation, her "mither's God" seemed very near, not as one afar off.

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