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The Unbelieving Father Led To Go To Church.

An unbelieving father came home one evening and asked where his little
girl was. "She has gone to bed," said his wife. "I'll just go and give
her one kiss," said the father, for he loved his little daughter dearly.
As he stood at the door of her bedroom, he heard some one praying. It
was his little Jane, and he heard her say, "Do, God Almighty, please
lead daddy to hear Mr. Stowell preach."

She had often asked him to go, and he had always said, "No, no, my
child." After listening to her prayer, he determined, the next time she
asked him, to accompany her, which he did, and heard a sermon which took
his attention and pricked his conscience. On leaving the church, he
clasped the hand of his little girl in his, and said, "Jane, thy God
shall be my God, and thy minister shall be my minister." And the man
became a true follower of the Lord.

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