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A Little Child's Prayer For Healing.

A very little child, who had but recently learned to talk, and the
daughter of a Home missionary, had been for weeks troubled with a severe
cough, which was very severe in its weakness upon her. At last her
father said to her, "Daughter, ask Jesus, the good Lord, to heal you."

Putting up her little hands as she lay in bed, she said, "_Dear Jesus,
will oo please to cure me, and do please tell papa what to give me_."

The father, who was listening, thought several times of "_syrup of
ipecac_" but did not connect it immediately with the prayer. At last the
thought came so often before him, that he felt, "Well, it will do no
harm, perhaps this is what the Lord wants me to give her." He procured
it, administered it, and in three hours the little child's cough had
wholly ceased, and she was playing on the floor with the other children.
A most singular feature is the fact that the same medicine was
administered at other times and had no effect in relief.

* * * * *

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