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A Missionary's Experience In Mexico.

"While laboring with my wife as a missionary in Northern Mexico, we
supported ourselves for nearly four years by teaching and such other
ways as the Lord opened up to us.

"But our schools being decidedly Protestant, and I preaching regularly,
the opposition from Romanists was very strong; this, together with the
extreme poverty of the people, made our income very small. Frequently
the opposition would rise to that pitch that only the children of the
poorest would be permitted to come, but we never turned these away,
though they could pay no tuition, trusting that God would provide for us
in some other way.

"Early in the year 1869, we were much exercised to know the will of the
Lord concerning us, whether he would have us continue or not. We brought
our case before the Lord and prayed him to make known his will and
provide for our necessary wants. In about three weeks we received a
check for eighty dollars, sent us, as we felt, truly by the Lord in
answer to our prayer through a friend in New York, who knew nothing of
our circumstances or prayer.

"In August the same year, our condition became such that it seemed as if
in a few days we would be wholly without the necessaries of life. We
laid our case before the Lord, and as he did not appear to open up any
way for us to leave the field, we went forward with our work as
faithfully as we knew how, believing that the Lord would provide in his
own time and way, when one evening, just after family worship, a rap
came to the door. I opened it, there came in quite a company of persons,
all bearing something, and just exactly the things we needed most, and
to the amount of over fifty dollars' worth, and about a sixth of it was,
as we learned, given by Romanists who had opposed us very strongly all
the time we had been there. Truly the Lord answers prayer and turns the
hearts of men to do his will."

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