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The Lord Paid His Interest.

A most curious answer to prayer occurred in the experience of a home
missionary in Brooklyn. It illustrates how God, in his trials of faith
to see if His people do really cling to the promises, compels them to
march right into the scene of danger, and into the mouth of the cannon,
that apparently is open specially to shoot them down.

The interest on the mortgage of his property was due in a few days. Its
amount was $300. He did not have the money--did not know where to obtain
it. With anxious heart during the day, he kept up his faith and courage
by thinking of the Lord's promises, and, the last night before the
eventful day, was spent in prayer, until the assurance came that all was
well. Often he pleaded, often he reminded the Lord that, as his life was
_His_, to save him from reproach, and not let his trust in the Lord
suffer dishonor before others.

The last moment came--no money--no relief. With sinking heart he went to
the holder of the mortgage to announce his utter inability to meet his
demand. While there, just at the last moment, when he was about to
leave, the gentleman said, "_By the way, here is an envelope I was told
to give you."_

The missionary opened it, _and out came six fifty dollar bills,_ just
the _three hundred dollars prayed for_. The Lord met and delivered him
in the very jaws of the enemy.

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