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A Very Present Help In Trouble.

"At one time, during a season of adversity, there was urgent occasion
for a certain sum beyond the income of the family, and there was no way
of borrowing it. I took the matter to the Lord in prayer, asking Him, if
the money were really needed, as it appeared to be, to send it, and, if
it were not, to remove the distressing circumstances. The answer came in
a sum five times the amount asked for, and in a manner totally

* * * * *

"At another time, the mother of the family was very ill, and, when
apparently near death, the physicians had ordered a remedy which was to
be constantly employed, as her life, so far as they could judge,
depended on its use. One night, her symptoms became so alarming as to
compel the writer (who had charge of the nursing) to use this remedy
more freely than ever, and, about midnight the supply was exhausted.
There was no possibility of obtaining any more before morning, and the
rest of that night, while attending to the other directions of the
doctors, I spent in one earnest, agonizing prayer that God would so
overrule natural causes that death would not occur in consequence of
what I felt to be my own culpable carelessness in not having provided a
larger quantity of an article so necessary. In His great mercy, He
granted the prayer, the dangerous symptoms did not increase during the
seven or eight hours that intervened before the remedy could be
procured. One proof that it was a special mercy, is found in the fact
that there was no other such standing still of the disease, either
before this or afterward. And the doctors were astonished when they saw
that the disease had made no progress, under conditions that rendered
that progress inevitable in the usual law of cause and effect. And when,
on her final recovery, Doctor Parker told her that she owed her life to
the good care I had taken of her, my thoughts went back to the long
hours of that night of anguish, and I said, 'It was the Lord that took
care of her.' 'I meant your care, under Providence,' was the reply."

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