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Employment Found.

A man and wife were out of employment, and in very great trouble. Mr. H.
(missionary) had added his efforts to theirs, and sedulously sought
among the families he knew, for positions for them. After two weeks'
fruitless endeavor, he said to the man, "Well, John, let us go into the
Fulton street meeting and leave it with the Lord." They did so; the
request was read and remembered.

The very next day, Mr. H. received a note from one of the families to
whom he had already applied, and without success, requesting him to send
the man and wife of whom he had spoken. Very joyfully he did so, and
they were both engaged! Mr. H. considered it a very marked answer to
prayer, inasmuch as it was quite difficult to find a family who wanted a
man as well as woman servant; and that particular family was, of all
others, the least likely to make such an arrangement!

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