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Cured Of Catarrh.

"I have been afflicted with catarrh for over twenty years. I had
consulted many physicians and used many remedies--all failed to help me.
In the Spring of 1874, I grew so much worse that life became a burden; I
suffered from dizziness and great prostration; I was urged to go to you
for faith cure. This was no new thing to me; I believed in it, yet found
it difficult to exercise faith for myself.

"My daughter went to see you, as I was then unable to go. I looked to
God, and believed from that very moment. My whole soul and body seemed
thrilled, and I began to gain strength immediately.

"In a few days I was able to go to your _Home_. You prayed simply that
God would take all disease from me. I have been entirely well from that
time; not only cured of catarrh, but tumors on my limbs were entirely
removed. I desire to give God the praise; I bless him that He does
forgive our transgressions and heal our diseases."

These instances are only a very few out of many, that have occurred, too
numerous for repetition here. It must be admitted, that God has most
signally blessed the faith of the inmates of the Consumptive's Home,
answered their prayer for others. In nearly all the cases of healing
which have occurred, the sufferers have failed in all other means, and
in their extremity have depended wholly in faith in God.

In speaking of them, Doctor Cullis says: "We do not give these instances
of the healing of the body, dear friends of Jesus, as in any degree
paramount to the healing of the soul; but that as the dear children of
God, we may claim all our privileges, and enjoy the knowledge of our
fullness of possession in Him who declares" _all things are, yours_."
Shall we in any manner, of smallest or largest import, limit the love
and power of God, who deigneth out of the highest heaven to declare,"
_The Lord thinketh upon me_." As an earthly parent separates no part of
the well-being of his child from his watchful care, so doth our Heavenly
Father not only "_forgive all our iniquities_," but "_healeth all our
diseases." Let us not confine faith operation to the saving of the soul,
while God's word is full of previous promise for the saving, keeping,
and healing of the body_.

"_For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy
wounds, saith the Lord_."

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