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Give And It Shall Be Given.

"'Cheerful giving,' writes an aged minister, 'is what enriches the giver
and brings down a blessing from above. A poor clergyman attended one of
Zion's festivals in a distant city. The railroad company supplied him
with a return ticket, and though many of his brethren would secure
treasures from the book-stores, but a solitary twenty-five cent scrip
was in his possession, and he would need that to pay for refreshment on
his way home. It was the last day of the feast. Mention, again and
again, was made of the widow's mite, or poor men's gifts, and, as the
boxes were passed, he felt sad that, in his deep poverty, he could not
cast in a single penny. As the assembly was dismissed, it was announced
that collectors would stand at the door to gather up the _fragments_
which ought to be in the Lord's treasury. With slow steps this good man
passed down and put that last money he possessed into the waiting box.

"In a few moments, a gentleman of the city invited him to his, table to
dine, with quite a number of the dignitaries of the church. During the
repast, the host was called from the table for a little time. At the
conclusion of a pleasant entertainment, the poor minister was taken one
side and an envelope put into his hands, with this remark: 'I was called
from the table by a man who has long owed me a small debt, which I
thought was lost a long time since, and I cannot think what it was paid
to-day for, except that I might give it to you.' The envelope contained
twenty-five dollars. When the books are opened, that rich steward will
see how his money was used, and thank God, who put it into his heart to
dispose of it thus."

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