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God's Care Over His People--the Praying Widow

A young widow with two children was living in the city of Berlin. She
was a Christian woman, and trusted in Jehovah-Jireh to take care of her.
One evening she had to be away for a while. During her absence a man
entered her house for the purpose of robbing her. But "the Lord who
provides" protected her from this danger in a very singular way. On
returning to her home she found a note lying on her table, which read as

"Madam, I came here with the intention of robbing you, but the sight of
this little room, with the religious pictures hanging around in it, and
those two sweet-looking children quietly sleeping in their little bed,
have touched my heart. I cannot take anything of yours. The small amount
of money lying on your desk I leave untouched, and I take the liberty of
adding fifty dollars besides." The Bible tells us that "the hearts of
men are in the hands of God. and he turneth them as the rivers of waters
are turned." He turned the heart of this robber from his wicked purpose,
and in this way he protected the widow who trusted in him.

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