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He Did Not Keep His Promise, But God Did.

A remarkable instance of how God keeps his promises and is faithful, and
how man often forgets to keep his, and at last receives deserved
punishment for his thanklessness to God, was recently related in the
Fulton Street prayer-meeting.

A very urgent case was presented by a friend. He said: "A friend of mine
is seeking Jesus. A little while ago his only child lay near death. He
prayed God to restore her to health, promising to serve the Lord for the
rest of his life if the child's life was spared. His daughter recovered,
but _the man forgot the promise he had made and sought not after God._
In a very little while the child was suddenly taken sick again, and
almost as suddenly died. The father remembered his vows, and feels that
this is God's solemn warning to him to seek the Savior."

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