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God Keeps Hold Of The Other Hand.

A little boy with his mother was returning from a visit; the night was
very dark, and little could be seen ahead. She led her little boy, by
the hand, who trustingly walked by her side. He had only just begun to
learn and remember the stories of the Bible, and he believed and trusted
everything he heard. After walking for sometime in the darkness, very
silently, he burst out with,

"Mamma, I'm not afraid."

"Why, what makes you feel so."

"_Because, mamma, God keeps hold of the other hand_."

This is the beautiful lesson older ones, too, must learn, the simple,
childlike confidence in God, which gives no fear, no alarm.

The skeptic can never accuse little children of the same theories,
philosophies, imaginations and beliefs which are characteristic of older
heads. The child knows nothing of such books of reason, science or
religion. Many a child who could not read has asked of God and his
prayer has been answered; and when the whole world witnesses a little
child, who in its innocence has been told that God lives, that God loves
him, that God can do everything and will surely hear his prayer, and
then in its care and grief, kneels before the God it trusts, offers its
little prayer, _and the prayer is answered_, let none of maturer minds
ever presume to doubt. The faith of little children is typical of the
very simplest faith wherewith any human being must approach its Creator.
The child never questions, never doubts; but in its simplicity asks, and
God honors the trust. The following incident illustrates the point,
_that not one thing is ere too small for God to consider, or a soul to
bring to him in prayer_.

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