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God Saved A Family Mercifully.

One morning a Christian farmer, in Rhode Island, put two bushels of rye
in his wagon and started to the mill to get it ground. On his way to the
mill he had to drive over a bridge that had no railings to the sides of
it. When he reached the middle of this bridge his horse, a quiet, gentle
creature, began all at once to back. In spite of all the farmer could
do, he kept on backing till the hinder wheels went over the side of the
bridge, and the bag of grain was tipped out and fell into the stream.
Then the horse stood still. Some men came to help the farmer. The wagon
was lifted back and the bag of grain was fished up from the water. Of
course it could not be taken to the mill in that state. So the farmer
had to take it home and dry it. He had prayed that morning that God
would protect and help him through the day, and he wondered what this
accident had happened for. He found out, however, before long. On
spreading out the grain to dry he noticed a great many small pieces of
glass mixed up with it. If this had been ground up with the grain into
the flour it would have caused the death of himself and his family. But
Jehovah-Jireh was on that bridge. He made the horse back and throw the
grain into the water to save the family from the danger that threatened

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