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Lending To The Lord.

"A poor man, some of whose family were sick, lived near Deacon Murray,
(referred to in the tract, 'Worth of a Dollar,') and occasionally called
at his house for a supply of milk. One morning he came while the family
were at breakfast. Mrs. Murray rose to wait upon him, but the deacon
said to her, 'Wait till after breakfast.' She did so, and meanwhile the
deacon made some inquiries of the man about his family and

"After family worship the deacon invited him to go out to the barn with
him. When they got into the yard, the deacon, pointing to one of the
cows, exclaimed, 'There, take that cow, and drive her home.' The man
thanked him heartily for the cow, and started for home; but the deacon
was observed to stand in the attitude of deep thought until the man had
gone some rods. He then looked up, and called out, 'Hey, bring that cow
back.' The man looked around, and the deacon added, 'Let that cow come
back, and you come back too.' He did so; and when he came into the yard
again, the deacon said, 'There, now, take your pick out of the cows; _I
a'n't going to lend to the Lord the poorest cow I've got_.'"

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